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Grafting at Sunvalley Plants Nursery

Grafting Grevillea Lollypops onto rootstockSunvalley are experts at grafting Australian natives and specialise in grafting Grevilleas.

Grafting is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries to improve plant performance and bring new species into cultivation. Australia has a large range of Grevilleas, many of which are native to the sand plains of south west Western Australia.

Sunvalley is grafting a selection of these to be reliable, disease resistant and hardy rootstock, thereby improving vigour and general garden performance. Additionally, we graft onto very short rootstocks so they look more like the natural plant.

Grafted Grevilleas use a reliable rootstock, typically Grevillea robusta, that allows many varieties of spectacular Grevilleas to be grown and enjoyed in a much wider range of soils and climates than previously possible.


Grafted grevillea preparation by staff at Sunvalley Plants Nursery

We first began grafting in 2004 when we decided that having grafted Grevilleas was a great way to collect clean disease free cuttings. Now after grafting Grevilleas for a few years, we also do Acacias, Eremophila and Hakeas grafted onto reliable rootstock. Grafting onto suitable rootstock means that now many varieties of spectacular native plants can be grown and enjoyed in a much wider range of climates and soil types than was previously possible.

Grevillea varieties that were previously impractical to grow in many areas are now able to be used successfully to enhance many different garden situations.

Retail Nurseries can stock these Grevilleas knowing that customers will be pleased with the results.




Stocks of Sunvalley grafted GrevilleasSome of the varieties on Grevillea robusta rootstock:

  • Grevillea 'Bronze Rambler'
  • Grevillea 'Blue Mountain Rambler'
  • Grevillea 'Billy Bonkers'
  • Grevillea magnifica
  • Grevillea curviloba
  • Grevillea 'Fanfare'
  • Grevillea nudiflora
  • Grevillea gaudi chaudii
  • Grevillea 'Royal Mantle'
  • Grevillea plurijuga
  • Grevillea tenuiloba
  • Grevillea 'Cooroora Cascade'



Grevillea bipinnatifida grafted to make a superb standard

Grevillea rootstock being prepared at Sunvalley

A standard form of grafted Grevillea

Grafted Acacia baileyana prostrate